Process Development
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World New Processes

  1. Automatic design stitch sewing
    • High cost savings for operator costs and machine costs. Up to 50% cost savings for operator costs and 50% - 80% cost savings for the design stitching machines.
    • One operator can handle up to 3 machines.
    • High speed design stitch sewing process. 14 cm / sec. are possible.
    • 100% accurate process QUALITY due to the integration of special tools.
    • Flexible mounting of different sewing clothes at one machine are possible.
    • Endless sewing of clothes is possible. Covers are sewn together endlessly, fed automatically and stitched one by the other.
    • High utilization of machines allows smaller area for production.
    • Short training times during the pre-serial phase saves money.
    • Very short and easy, uncomplicated training preparation.
  2. Easy prefixing of trim parts
    • All seamlines are able to prefix in an very short timeframe, sure and 100% straight.
    • The reduction of the prefixing process time is approximately 70%. Significant cost reduction of machines and personal costs compared to conventional methods.
    • Expensive tools aren´t necessary.
    • High stabilisation of all functional seams. The seams are looking quit and harmoniously.
    • Easy and short training times in the pre-serial phase save a lot of investment.
    • Seams are save fixed in the required position. Loosing effects about the wrapping process are not possible.
    • Process is suitable for all hard and soft covered trim parts, where you can construct a seamgroove.
    • Devices can be adapted to the requirements of the trim parts.